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Provide information in real time to assist you determining development and campaign strategies. Obtain information perception and business public habits to help in determining future business patterns, based on keywords.

ApaKataData. One step solution for your information technology needs


What You’re Getting

Real time Comprehensive analytic

Information popularity, electability, public perception and much more

Powerful Dashboards

Display various information for easier decision making

Schedule and Report

You can easily set up a regular reporting schedule or create reports directly, which you can connect directly with email


Multiple Keyword

You'll be able to use various keywords that suits your product in order to obtain accurate information

Campaign Suggestion

Giving you the best and most efficient advice in the campaign process to get it right on target


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Our Warrior

Our fighters who dedicate themselves to serve you wholeheartedly

Lukman Hakim

Lukman Hakim


Handle all administrative and legal requirements, and do the best planning.


Muhamad Taufik


Responsible for various matters relating to the technology used by ApaKataData

Filipi Permana

Filipi Permana

Brand & Markom

Always innovate and work to develop the best design and communication.


Soetji Permana


Friendly, smile and quick responses to help you get the answer to your problems appropriately .

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Development Services

we provide information technology development depend on your needs

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website development

Web Development


create and develop attractive and easy websites for you

mobile development

Mobile Development

Mobile App

Serving making mobile applications, which will make your needs accessible quickly and easily

Information System development

MIS Development

Information System

Provide developing and maintenance your information system, to be informative and well information system.



website application and mobile

Keep your application easy to access, use and make your application safe